Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lebanese Blogs: The Good, The Bad, The Average

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Blog Baladi

The Good

The Good: Rich in Topics
The Bad: Tacky Layout

What attracts my attention about Blog Baladi is the quantity of different topics it tackles, and they still manage to keep the topics relevant to the Lebanese society and up to date.

Another aspect which I liked about it, is that most of the posts are funny as hell and boldly stated. Oh and before I forget, they also agree that LB Beer tastes like beer Tang, so not only are they funny, they also know what to drink!

What I do not like about the blog is use of the ripped cardboard which complements, well, their name. However, I would have found it more interesting if they used a more modern layout design, it would have created more contrast between the content and the name.

All in all, I really like this blog ...

 Half Eaten Man2ouche

The Average

The Good: Interesting Title
The Bad: Retro Calendar on Side Bar

I guess whomever did this blog was really bored out of his/her mind, how else would someone think about naming something a half eaten man2ouche? However, it is a strategy that works and the proof is that I am talking about the blog now.

On another note, why is there a calendar on the side bar? When I see it in a blog or a site for that matter, I am reminded of Quintin Tarantino's movie "Pulp Fiction"... God it's so retro!

Topics are decent, there are some that are interesting and that are not, either way, you are compelled to check it out, due to the name.

All in all, its Ok

Beirut Drive-By Shooting

The Good

The Good: Lots of Pictures
The Bad: Posts are not labeled

Having a lot of pictures in your blog is a good thing and it works. People would rather check out pictures than reading long posts like this one.

I really like how most of the comments on the ads are spot on, they can't be expressed any better...

However, despite me liking this blog, I really did not like how the posts are not labeled because it has a lot of ads that are different, so people might want to see what's going on or what went on in a specific industry, but they can't ...

All in all, I like it, but please label your posts

Beirut Daily Photo

The Bad

The Good: Nice pictures
The Bad: It's not daily !

What I like about this blog is that it's well organize, although it can be more organized, but still, it Ok

However, what's monumentally annoying is that the title is Beirut Daily Photo and there hasn't been a post since December 2008. It would have been better if they called it Beirut Yearly Photo and spread the existing photos over a decade!

Also, a lot of the photos posted are not taken in Beirut, and the subtitle says "daily photos from BEIRUT .. a way to visit LEBANON where ever u r". So a more proper name for the blog would be Lebanon Daily Photo, that is if it was actually daily.

All in all, I think there's a long way to go in order to make up for the photos not posted

Beirut Beauty... "There Are No Ugly Women... Just Lazy Ones" 

 The Bad

The Good: Nothing
The Bad: Very Random, pointless

To start with, the title of the blog is very sexist and I am a guy who is not that fond of feminists. It's too misogynistic... However, I might be able to relate to what this blogger is trying to say it the content was any relevant, it's not!

You can find a multitude of topics in that blog which are totally unrelated, making this blog a total mumble jumble of crap...

All in all, please deactivate the blog !

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