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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Human Rage

Be it a tick or a tock
the gate was closed and now unlocked.

It is a feeling that keeps him kneeling
it is a feeling and it is here to stay,
it is not fear, for it keeps you not at bay.

 It is a feeling that emancipates
however unknowingly, you become the wolf’s bait.
You’re overwhelmed and want to annihilate
that damn prick who thinks he’s great.

It is neither resentment nor hate
for with his mother you would mate.

Pride was perhaps what had him in my way
what a useless feeling for him to feel anyway.
It got him shouting, cursing, and frustrated
then his countenance was obliterated.

Perhaps that feeling was of amelioration
that feeds of his devastation.
A feeling that is primal to the human race
that feeling was definitely rage.